swift is progressing

Still alive…?

You might ask your self ‘Is this project still alive…? Have the developers stopped working on it or lost motivation?’ The answers are Yes, No and No. Even though it was a bit quiet about the project in the last couple of month. But the reason was not a stalled development. Not at all! I’m happy to say that the team of 3 people is still constantly working since the beginning. We got even a new highly motivated Linux developer Michał, who made already some important contributions.

What has been done…?

So what have we done and where are we? The status after the last post was that aircraft’s are displayed in the simulators with smooth movements but model matching was not yet in place. This was added soon in a first experimental version. After everything played together and was supposed to work, we looked at the code and it was more and more difficult to get features implemented. So our first version deserved another iteration and we spent some weeks and month to cleanup, simplify and make things faster. So it was a time with not much progress in terms of new features, but stabilizing the existing code. This allows us now to look into the remaining open features.

What still needs to be done…?

Thats a very good question. In order to focus on our goal ‘release of v1.0’ we made a list of tasks which are mandatory to be finished before. This list currently has about 60 high level coding tasks (including things like extending the existing keyboard/joystick hotkey functions, basic weather implementation), but it also has a huge list of things we need to prepare before being able to release swift or its source code. This includes tasks like setting up forums, wiki, user documentation, bug tracker, project collaboration, installers etc and last but not least a beta test plan and test scenarios.

So still plenty of work to do…