Dev History Animation Details

There were several questions and comments about the previous post in several forums and I would like to answer some of them here.

In general the video shows the history of our master branch which has only the stable swift build. However, this is only about 30 % of the work being done. Why is that and where is the rest of it? The reasons are our development workflow and how our git repositories are structured.

1. Features branches:
Most of our development is done in feature branches. Someone starts to experiment with a new feauture, is testing his work, others review it and suggest several improvements. After several iterations and often days or weeks, the change lands in the master branch. The video shows only the last step. All the work in the feature branch is most of the time invisible. This explains why it is quiet in some weeks or month. We were for example working on complex features end of 2013 and merged them in January 2014.

2. Other sub-projects and repositories:
There is not only one swift application. The project is a combination of two main applications (a gui application and a core application) plus several other tools, samples, libraries and infrastructure. There is for example vatlib – our own implementation of the PCSB/VVL protocols. Compared to the legacy implementation, it has several improvements and was written with modern networking and audio/voice techniques. It is in its own git repository due to its protected status.
There is also trafficsim being in its own git repository – an application written by Peter Buchegger which simulates any number of aircrafts on our test server. We have different recorded scenarios, e.g. several online days in Europe or a CTP scenario. They allow us regular tests under heavy load.
Last but not least there is the sub-project modelmapping database. A database which contains meta information per AI aircraft model and helps in the model matching process. After release (or probably even before) everyone will be able to support us with this database by sending us information about new models or change existing ones.
I haven’t mentioned all the infrastructure behind the scenes to produce nightly builds to test our changes on all relevant platforms and a lot other stuff. You will see them once we open the project to the public.
Unfortunately all this didn’t show up in the video.

In case you were suprised to see X-Plane developer Ben Supnik also in the animation: no he didn’t contribute to swift itself, but we have imported his X-Plane multiplayer library libxplanemp, so he and others show up in the history as well.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Its main intention was to show, we are continuously and constantly working on it. I guess the video did its job very well.

swift developer team