The art of programming

It is sometimes hard for developers to demonstrate the progress they are making. With most of the code being under the hood and the end user never being aware that they do exist, how can constant improvement be shown to the community?

We have tried in the very beginning to give regular updates, how many features have been completed and on which one we are currently working.  But we soon reached the point where we had to ask ourselves the question: ‘When is a feature really completed? Is it when the first experimental version is committed? When you start to enhance it, because the first version was not good enough? Or after some point later in time, when you realize it does not play nice with the other components of the code and you have to change it again?’ This was the time when it became a little bit quiet in this blog and all the forums. But that doesn’t mean development has stopped.

So back to the original question: how can we show users how active and constant the development of swift is taking place? The answer is simple: don’t use text but instead pictures and animations. So here we go. Below is a short 7 minutes animation which I call the ‘art of programming’. It was produced using Gource and animates the history of our main development branch starting from the project kick-off on the 30.01.2013 until two days ago. I hope it gives you a little impression of our work flow and how continuous the swift team is working. If you ever have the impression again that swift development has slowed down, watch the video and you know this is not the case.


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