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Model matching is a key feature for swift. It is required because every pilot can have different aircraft models installed, and the naming of aircraft models is not standardized among the different simulators (FSX, XPlane, …). So when pilot Bob flies a FSX B737/DLH we need to find the most suitable aircraft model (representing Bob’s plane) in Alice’s XPlane simulator (this finding process is called “model matching”).

In swift we plan to do things slightly different from other clients. We are going to establish a database for all models allowing us to feature a bit more sophisticated matching concept. However, as creating all the entries is a challenge at least as substantial as creating swift itself, we want to croud-source the effort and let you share your own mappings with other users.

datastore (1)

The idea is simple, when someone wants to use a model that we don’t already know about, he can provide and share the mapping information, then swift can automatically pick up the new mapping, and anyone else who wants to use that model is relieved of the burden of setting it up. Sharing is easily possible via a web front end or with the swift mapping editor (please understand we are talking about sharing the information, not the physical model). Here are some impressions of how it looks:

From the list of available airlines
Mapping (1)

and aircraft
Mapping (2)

the user can compose the mapping in a drag and drop editor. Then he shares the information and afterwards an administrator will review and release the entries. The model matching algorithm in swift is prepared to use these data.
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datastore (2)

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