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Sub-lead with responsibility for DBus facade design and aircraft mappings Acting sub-lead with responsibility for GUI implementation

Update – Connexion London 2017 Summary

Some updates after the  Connexion London 2017 convention
London 2017 slides

Further testing and road to public beta:

  • After testing and fixing issues in the distributed swift system we will gradually move on with flight tests, i.e. testing connected with the various simulators.
  • We will first test with few alpha users, as we did for model mappings. Registered alpha users will be asked to join the tests when they start.
  • Most likely we will do it one simulator at a time.
  • Once those tests are passed, we prepare for a public beta. But the tasks will take some time.

swift and P3Dv4

  • We will develop a genuine 64bit P3Dv4 driver
    • so we can support new P3Dv4  API features
    • and compile a 64bit swift version for P3D
  • We need to update our model data to distinguish between new P3Dv4 models and old legacy P3D/FSX models

alpha tests

  • You can still join alpha program and participate at any time you like
  • If you have registered and not received a confirmation yet, please let us know.
    • You need access here to download the alpha software:
    • And here to communicate (with us), file error reports etc.
  • Creating mappings is still much appreciated. The more aircraft data we have, the better testing will work and the better the pilot client will work.
  • Currently we are looking for support mapping new P3Dv4 models, whoever wants to help is welcome.
  • Clarification: Many people expect, after registration for alpha, to receive detailed work tasks. This is not how we work. We let you know the overall test scenario (e.g. model mapping). You need to start on your own and we support you when problems arise.

Still we are looking for someone who will manage and coordinate the model mapping. This does not require any programming, but organizational / management skills. We would like to focus on the programming, less on the content side.


Status update of the status update

Thanks for the feedback guys. Some clarifications and adjustments:

  • We have already received more requests for alpha testing than we can currently handle. So we have restricted access for the moment. This is nothing personal, please do not be disappointed. Our first tests are about testing controlled scenarios, not just playing around. We need a small group for that, as we need to give support and guidance.
  • So when you are interested in joining alpha testing send us an email to alpha () . Include your simulator and OS (Windows, Linux, …). We will keep a list of potential testers and contact you when it fits (Hollywood principle).
  • We will gradually increase the number of users involved. We let you know when this is the case.
  • We are still looking for people joining the team as programmer or designer, feel free to contact us.
  • This is an early stage of testing. public beta test will follow, but not too soon. We can not tell you a date/time.

Thanks for your understanding.

sneak preview mapping editor

Model matching is a key feature for swift. It is required because every pilot can have different aircraft models installed, and the naming of aircraft models is not standardized among the different simulators (FSX, XPlane, …). So when pilot Bob flies a FSX B737/DLH we need to find the most suitable aircraft model (representing Bob’s plane) in Alice’s XPlane simulator (this finding process is called “model matching”). Continue reading sneak preview mapping editor