Posts in 2022

  • VATSIM Velocity

    31.01.2022 in News

    VATSIM have activated their new “Velocity” fast position updates feature. swift version 0.11.0 has support for Velocity. All previous versions of swift can no longer be used on VATSIM.

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Posts in 2020

  • Organizational changes

    11.06.2020 in News

    swift is about to move to Github. Further information will be posted when the transfer has been completed. The site will disappear and equivalent services will be provided by Github instead. This includes the source …

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  • Release of 0.9.4

    03.01.2020 in Releases

    Installation We recommend to keep the latest 093 until 094 works for you. Version numbering The 4th component of the version number is now based on the number of code changes, instead of the build date, so the full version numbers should be easier to …

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Posts in 2019

  • Release of 0.9.3

    26.10.2019 in Releases

    swift 093 is the 1st AFV version swift 093 is the first version of swift with AFV integrated. This is released as alpha version, as we still expect some issues. Your feedback is welcome. Again, currently we are in a TESTING stage, "alpha" …

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  • Release of 0.9.2

    21.05.2019 in Releases

    Reset your matching settings, then save them (Reset ALL and SAVE settings). Then set it according to your needs and save again, see Matching settings, using models without mapping entry / no DB entry. Most likely you also need to save your audio …

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  • Release of 0.9.1

    27.04.2019 in Releases

    Warning Testers/alpha users need to manually install XSwiftBus (download and copy) Version 0.9.1 fixes some bugs the critical FSD packet bug some XPlane aircraft issues, causing aircraft not correctly removed from XP fixed an UI based crash which …

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  • Release of 0.9.0

    27.04.2019 in Releases

    Fixed various issues.

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  • Release of 0.8.9

    20.03.2019 in Releases

    Fixed various issues Add category matching (only gliders so far) Added more notification sounds Rember remarks XPDR mode in status bar Add FS9 Time, COM and XPDR synchronisation Initial FlightGear support

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Posts in 2018

  • Release of 0.8.7

    30.11.2018 in Releases

    Fixed various issues Add possiblity to tune modelset Fix XPlane model strings

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  • Release of 0.8.5

    31.07.2018 in Releases

    XPlane plugin no longer uses Qt classes. Rational: No longer a problem with other XPlane plugins using Qt XPlane testing Interpolation improvements Model loader improvmenets Wizards improvements Model matching configurable

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