Release of 0.8.3

Information about the 0.8.3 release.
  • Various bug fixes
  • deleted outdated XP models with old keys
  • Added server types to FSD settings
    • This allows to select server type in FSD settings
    • swift can now be used to connect to VATSIM and legacy FSD servers
  • Added ICAO IATA and swift specific descriptions. This allows to better identify the ICAO code
  • Improved adding of AI traffic in FSX (only one object per time)
  • Fixed missing network query:
  • removedXP models stll using the old key
  • fixed bug in VATSIM data fileparsing
  • improved reverse lookup
  • Emulated driver
  • Online detection
  • Refactoring
  • detect equal models in DB data, do not publish those
  • Download XSwiftBus from launcher/wizard
  • Backend: Now supports livery CRs
  • Backend: Equal mappings will be detected.
  • Improved setup loading
  • Logout to network can be stopped
  • Backend improvements
  • SVFR change for flight plan
  • genuine x64 P3D v4 driver