Release of 0.8.4

Information about the 0.8.4 release.
  • swift now supports the gnd. flag (on top of supporting the gnd flag from aircraft parts). It sends the gnd flag, and supports incoming gnd flag. As there is no reliable detection of the gnd flag capability, a client is marked "gnd flag supporting" if a) a valid true gnd flag is received, or b) the client is manually set to gnd flag supporting via the context menu.
  • XSwiftBus no longer relies on the Qt libraries, that means there is no longer a clash when another add-on uses Qt libs
  • in XPlane an airplane can be followed, from the swift menu, in P3D / FSX that feature is pending
  • ground elevation queries have been unified among XP/P3D/FSX: all three allow to query the gnd elevation at an arbitrary position
  • XPlane and FSX drivers now use a common concept / codebase for interpolation
  • some adjustments have been made to be the new GDPR requirements (legal)
  • gnd guessing for aircraft without any gnd. information have been improved.
  • improved interpolation logging capabilities
  • FS9 support currently is experimental only, we focus on P3D/XPlane/FSX. FS9 development consumes a lot of time due to the fact it is the oldest platform. Plus the number of users using it is decreasing, people start to use P3D or XPlane instead.
  • Many small bugfixes