Release of 0.9.1

Information about the 0.9.1 release.
  • Version 0.9.1 fixes some bugs
    • the critical FSD packet bug
    • some XPlane aircraft issues, causing aircraft not correctly
    • removed from XP
    • fixed an UI based crash which could crash swift mapping tool
    • when floating windows
  • now hot plug and play for joystick hotkeys
  • swift does now proceed with connection to xswiftbus even if versions do not match
  • XPlane CSL no longer stops parsing xsb\_aircraft.txt if an error occurred.
  • Various other bugfixes.

We recommend you install 0.9.1 parallel to 0.9.0, then test it and if your are happy with it, uninstall 0.9.0. There is no need to re-create your model set, you can copy settings and data from other swift installations at any time in the wizard.