Release of 0.9.2

Information about the 0.9.2 release.

Reset your matching settings, then save them (Reset ALL and SAVE settings). Then set it according to your needs and save again, see Matching settings, using models without mapping entry / no DB entry. Most likely you also need to save your audio settings again, as those have changed and need to be updated.

XPlane users, if you install a test version (developer/aka alpha version) you have to manually install XSwiftBus! You can download it from the alpha download page, see Download developer and alpha versions from datastore .


We recommend you install 0.9.2 parallel to 0.9.1, then test it and if your are happy with it, uninstall 0.9.1. There is no need to re-create your model set, you can copy settings and data from other swift installations at any time in the wizard.


  • List of bug fixes
  • A first version of matching script, see ms{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • Airline groups now can be configured for their matching behaviour
  • Logged interpolation now exports values as kml which can be verified in Google Earth. See how to log. interpolation here: Tracing interpolation. You will find the log files here: Find swift log files, crashdump files, interpolation log. files, the kml files are in the same directory.
  • Linear interpolation was broken, hopefully now fixed
  • DB values can be used for CG/vertical offset
  • Forcible closed connection, see T698. In order to investigate we have added a network packets statistics which will hopefully help us to find the issue, still under investigation . But when you face the issue, sending the statistics file from the log directory will help us - Find swift log files, crashdump files, interpolation log. files. See Tracing network packets (FSD log) and network statistics how to enable.
  • The COM1/2 features are available as experimental feature: T609 T675 See Integrate COM unit, sync with cockpit COM unit
  • Auto publish, swift can automatically "learn" values for DB updates.
  • Own aircraft values can be used for ground elevation, see "record gnd. position"
  • Spline interpolation bugs fixed
  • You can set the focus for the overlay messages
  • X-Plane fixes
    • Some TCAS displays were not workin
    • Aircraft labels were too small on very high resolution displays
  • Voice ATIS is now disabled whenever XSwiftBus is enabled
  • Fixed weather as NOAA has changed its format
  • Fixed support for international characters in text chat (see how to choose a text codec)
  • Incognito mode for streaming: Incognito mode (hide names for streaming)
  • Avoid FG crash with no model set
  • Support for SVFR
  • Flight plans can be downloaded from SimBrief
  • more detailed XPlane settings
  • advanced login screen to modify/set livery, model string and partner callsign (pilot/co-pilot), see Advanced login popup (since 0.9.2)
  • the sort order of text messages can be changed.