Release of 0.9.3

Information about the 0.9.3 release.

swift 093 is the 1st AFV version

swift 093 is the first version of swift with AFV integrated. This is released as alpha version, as we still expect some issues. Your feedback is welcome.

Fixed issues in 093

What is AFV?

Audio for VATSIM (AFV) is the new voice codec for VATSIM, more information can be found here and here.

VATSIM will be offline for scheduled maintenance for 24 hours, from 2019-10-13 2000z until 2019-10-14 2000z. During that time, the network will migrate over to the new codec, and the old codec will stop working. If you want to continue using swift 0.9.2 beta after that time, you will need to install an extra piece of software: the AFV standalone client, which works on Windows only.

WASAPI audio plugin (Windows)

PLEASE READ: Troubleshoot voice

Voice room connect error (swift 0.9.2)

  • If you use 0.9.2 or earlier, you might see that error. It happens because VATSIM now uses some invalid voice room URLs.
  • Solution: use 0.9.3. if you dare, but read the above.