Release of 0.9.4

Information about the 0.9.4 release.


We recommend to keep the latest 093 until 094 works for you.

Version numbering

The 4th component of the version number is now based on the number of code changes, instead of the build date, so the full version numbers should be easier to read:

  • Example old version number:
  • Example new version number:

Qt 5.14

Version 0.9.4 of swift now uses Qt 5.14.x (or later). This means

  • swift layout on 4k display might look different
  • IMPORTANT: if you use external style sheets these may need to be adjusted. We have made some smaller adjustments to the qss (swift stylesheet) and the external style sheets needs to be updated to reflect those changes. See ALSO BELOW!
  • some audio issues are hopefully fixed like the MIC 100% issue on Windows

WASAPI driver

The WASAPI driver caused problems/crashes for some people. We have disabled the driver per default. To use it just copy it back, see Troubleshoot voice WASAPI


  • The xSwiftBus version compatibility check has been made smarter, which should result in fewer false positive warnings being generated.
  • The sim frame rate can be seen in swift's simulator info screen. This is important when flying online, due to X-Plane's time warping at frame rates under 20 FPS.
  • Log messages when the terrain probe fails to find the ground elevation. This may be useful to diagnose planes going underground. Also TCAS can be disabled.
  • Ability to disable terrain probe. This may be useful to diagnose performance problems.
  • fixes for T778, underground XPlane aircraft


  • Traffic will be displayed within Flightgears maps (Nasal map, Nav-Displays etc.)
  • Introducing a more strict compatibility check, which checks the swift<->Flightgear API version on connection via dbus.
  • Other aircraft on the ground are now really set to Flightgear's ground altitude and not hovering anymore.

Fixed bugs:

  • TEMP WORKAROUND: Disabled crashpad for Linux as it is buggy (will be re-enabled as soon as it is fixed)
  • SSL libs no longer depend on VisualStudio 2010 redistributable DLLs
  • Issues with closed floating windows
  • tabs with no name must not cause an ASSERT
  • FSD messages we do not need ignored
  • NaN assert fix
  • audio settings on remote UI
  • no need to stop/start audio on remote UI anymore
  • Q_UNREACHABLE in other networks if pilot rating is unknown
  • Misc. interpolation/ground elevation issues have been fixed:
  • Ground elevation improvements: T773
  • Using -1 instead of NOT for inverse FS pitch/bank (same as vPilot and xPilot)


  • Flight plan templates: T733
  • Timestamps for XPlane logs, hopefully helping when investigating issues
  • Splitter for ATIS T783

Style sheet changes

Those are the latest style sheet changes, so you can adjust custom style sheets