Posts in 2017

  • Release of 0.8.4

    01.09.2017 in Releases

    swift now supports the gnd. flag (on top of supporting the gnd flag from aircraft parts). It sends the gnd flag, and supports incoming gnd flag. As there is no reliable detection of the gnd flag capability, a client is marked "gnd flag …

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  • Release of 0.8.3

    12.06.2017 in Releases

    Various bug fixes deleted outdated XP models with old keys Added server types to FSD settings This allows to select server type in FSD settings swift can now be used to connect to VATSIM and legacy FSD servers Added ICAO IATA and swift specific …

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  • Release of 0.8.2

    14.05.2017 in Releases

    Improvements in logging to help diagnose bugs Fixed bug connecting pilot client to X-Plane Fixed airline filter bug Filter by database ID Fixed loading models via context menu New tooltips "Do not show again" checkbox for auto-updater …

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  • Release of 0.8.1

    06.05.2017 in Releases

    Improved XPlane model keys based on discussion MAC OS installation fixed Stash button fixed Retry when network connection is down during install 1st version of background updater

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