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Status update of the status update

Thanks for the feedback guys. Some clarifications and adjustments:

  • We have already received more requests for alpha testing than we can currently handle. So we have restricted access for the moment. This is nothing personal, please do not be disappointed. Our first tests are about testing controlled scenarios, not just playing around. We need a small group for that, as we need to give support and guidance.
  • So when you are interested in joining alpha testing send us an email to alpha () . Include your simulator and OS (Windows, Linux, …). We will keep a list of potential testers and contact you when it fits (Hollywood principle).
  • We will gradually increase the number of users involved. We let you know when this is the case.
  • We are still looking for people joining the team as programmer or designer, feel free to contact us.
  • This is an early stage of testing. public beta test will follow, but not too soon. We can not tell you a date/time.

Thanks for your understanding.

Vacancy: Icon Set Designer

In order to overhaul the icons and graphics set for the swift applications, we are looking for an Icon Set Designer to join our team.

Your job will be to design and create a set of icons to be used for the various applications that comprise swift. The current icons we are using are just placeholders until the final set is ready. A placeholder is not meant to be forever, so it is your chance to contribute to swift.

Your skills:

  • Skilled in graphic and icon design
  • Able to work with icon formats for different operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Team spirit
  • Autonomous working attitude

What we would expect:

  • A few different prototypes of icon sets from which we can choose
  • Possibility to produce a new logo to represent swift project
  • Delivery of all work products including intermediate files and source files
  • Transfer of copyright ownership to swift project
  • Active participation in internal discussions about icons and graphics (predominantly in English language)

What you can expect:

  • Active feedback about what you produce
  • Be part of the swift team
  • Professionalism and fun

Please email roland[at] if you are interested.

As always, we still welcome offers of any other kinds of logistical or technical assistance that fit our needs.