Main contributors

  • Roland W.
  • Mathew S.
  • Klaus B.


  • Lars T. (FG)
  • Peter B. (traffic simulator)
  • Michal G.

Used software libraries

See the 3rd party licenses

Used icons, graphics etc.

  • FAMFAMFAM icons used, both in client and on websites, see here
  • DIAGONA icons: © 2013 Yusuke Kamiyamane (site). All rights reserved. These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
  • icondrawer icons: Using icons of on web site and with client

Screenshots and aviation photos courtesy of:

  • Lukas E.
  • Timm R.
  • Christoph J.
  • Rainer J.
  • Wolfgang S.
  • Wiki Commons (Creative Commons) images


  • Ben S. for X-Plane support
  • Ross C. for joint development of aircraft parts concept and vPilot rules permission
  • Kieran H., Kai K., Christoph N., Dominik S. for support
  • Sascha S. for kicking off the project
  • BitRock for sponsoring a free license for Open Source projects
  • FSC e.V. for testing and ideas
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