14 thoughts on “W14 slides”

  1. hey guys so whats the status on the progress are we just waiting on the release of xp 11 or are we still waiting on someone to finish the objects for the buttons and everything

    1. We are still working on it, but cannot give an estimate when exactly we will be ready. If you want to join and help please let us know, then we can give you the details what is still needed.

  2. Can you release the fsd protocol communicate class to the public? l am so interested in it.

        1. Yes, that is correct. Actually we were hoping some programmers will join. That was the main reason why we have given the presentation at W14.

          But unfortunately finding co-programmers did not work as we have hoped. So we continue at the pace we can manage.

  3. If people were able to and donated towards this project would it help to speed up development? Really need a new client for X-plane to Vatsim!

    1. Although it would be most welcome, I don’t think it would speed it up, and anyway VATSIM is very cautious about allowing donations, I don’t think it would happen, but thanks for the thought.

      1. Ok thank you the Email for Joing the Beta team didn’t work for me so could i have the correct Email please . And thank you for Making Vatsim for x plane “great again”

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