Facade classes (aka contexts)

Characteristics of the contexts:

  • Facade for a set of domain functionality
  • Smallest unit registered with DBus, hence smallest unit which can be used remotely

Characteristics of the runtime

  • Owns the DBus server (if applicable, server side) or the DBus connection (client side) - initDBusServer
  • Factory for contexts
  • Loads the settings (not only for other contexts, but also DBus server)
  • Connects cross context signal / slots (initPostSetup)

Cross context dependency

context / depends onaudioappnetworksettingssimulatorown aircraft
own aircraftxx

Review (for future swift versions)

Know shortcomings:

  • Cross dependencies, the ideal design goal is to have independent contexts. The idea was that each context can be enabled/disabled, but the goal was not achieved.
  • DBus communication is not bidirectional. The audio context can run on core or on GUI, but the proxy/implementation object can not just be switched (at least not for peer 2 peer DBus).
  • Our design was planned around the runtime/contexts. But launcher/mapping tool do not need contexts.

Keep in mind for future versions:

  • We still transfer mass data (i.e. relatively large amounts of data, like all remote aircraft or models).
  • Therefore we use pull to avoid overloads.
  • Any future distributed objects system needs to consider that. Automatic object distribution might be fatal.
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