Providing airline icons (VA icons, military organization icons)

swift can display airline icons in its views. This is optional, but a nice eye catcher. If you want to add missing icons please consider the following rules:

  • ideally use a 4:1 ratio, such as 300:75px

  • maximum size approx. 300:75px (see hint about hires below)

  • use png format

  • name is supposed to be the 5 digit id plus airline ICAO code, e.g. 03221_DLH.png

    • you can see the id in the mapping tool
    • or in the datastore ICAO view here
  • if the airline is not yet available, request the airline first: Change request

  • do not use copyright protected icons! Hint, check Wikipedia, they show you the copyright for each icon

  • Naming scheme:

    • We might use higher resolutions in the future, you can also add a high res version like 1024:205px. In that case naming is same as above, but [hi]{.title-ref} in the middle, 06461_LHA.hi.png, 03221_DLH.hi.png
    • Dark optimized icons (for a black background for instance) will be using .do in the name.
    • Examples:
      • 03221_DLH.png lowres version (approx 300:75)
      • lowres version, dark optimized (approx 300:75)
      • 03221_DLH.hi.png hires version
      • hires version, dark optimized
Last modified 28.07.2020: Cleanup and syntax fixes (b54e924)