Installing a new version in parallel and copy swift data from other versions

Why to install multiple swift versions?

  • You want to install a 32 and 64-bit version (e.g. for FSX/P3D)
  • You want to keep a stable tested version, but test a new version
  • You want to be able to quickly change between setups. Each swift Installation has its own data/configuration

swift directory concept

  • You can install as many swift versions in parallel as you like. swift is a directory based installation, no registry entries or such.
  • Each installation has its own settings and cache files (and hence is isolated).
    • If you have 4 installations as above, you would also have 4 setting directories with individual settings
    • You can always open your directories from the main menu image
    • For Windows: your directory is located here C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\org.swift-project
    • We recommend you to keep updates of your model set, as creating a model set is the most time consuming job

Installing a new version

There are two ways to install a new swift version

  1. Override into the same directory
    1. The same data directory is used and there is no need to copy settings or caches.
    2. In case you just want to install a bug fix or such, you do not need to run the wizard if you have already setup this version
    3. Remark: Some people have reported problems with overriding, in such a case just delete or uninstall swift.
  2. Installation in a new directory
    1. you can keep multiple versions in parallel.
    2. swift knows settings and caches (data files, e.g. for downloaded data). You can copy those from other swift versions after the installation.

Copy data from other swift versions

You can copy data from other swift versions via the launcher wizard


  • Hint: If you have only one swift version installed, there will be no such wizard screen
  • Not all data files can be copied. Most likely you would want to copy your model set and simulator model files
  • You can copy the model set and/or model cache.
  • You can skip the copy, or just press next to get the standard files copied.