Installation of the FSX/P3D terrain probe

For the 32bit P3D/FSX driver it is recommended to install the FSX terrain probe. The probe allows to query simulator data around your AI aircraft.

There are 3 ways to install the probe:

  • From the settings simulator "plugin configuration":


  • In the wizard:


  • Or just copy it manually to SimObjects/Misc . The probe is located in your swift share/simulator directory

Testing the probe

  • You should see the confirmation the probe is added (only for FSX/P3D 32bit drivers)


  • To fully test the probe, you can open the interpolation display .drv intdisplay

    • go to the elevation tab
    • click own aircraft which should set the coordinates of your own aircraft
    • click set. You should now see a response (2nd line) displaying the gnd. elevation (supposed to be your own aircraft's elevation - CG)


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