Updating swift

Updating by "overwriting" a current installation (e.g =>

  • this is the easiest way to install a swift version
  • you just select the same directory as your previous version
  • all swift files will be copied over the "old" ones
  • you will NOT override your settings and model set, the same settings/models as before will be used
  • we recommend to override within a 3 digit branch only, so 0.8.9.xxxx by 0.8.9.yyyy.
  • otherwise we recommend to install the new version parallel to the old one. By that you can always fallback to the old version if you need to.
  • we recommend to keep testing versions parallel to your latest stable version (whatever stable means to you)
  • Do NOT forget to copy the new //XSwiftBus// version if applicable. Either in the wizard or manually

Always overriding

If you always want to override, just install swift in a directory without version number, or with a 1 digit version number only, (e.g. foodir/swith_0.9). But you need to understand:

  1. by that your old version is gone when you update
  2. your old setup will be used,
  3. but if the new version, is broken, there is no way back.

Parallel installation and copy settings/models (e.g 0.9.1 => 0.9.2)

  • If you have a stable version for online flying, keep this until you have tested the new version
  • you would install swift in a new directory, this is literally a new installation
  • then you would copy your models/settings from another swift version via the launcher
  • this is covered in Copy swift data