P3D scratchpad

Currently collecting info about P3D

  • P3D SDK v3/2 does not come with a [simconnect.dll]{.title-ref} only [simconnect.lib]{.title-ref}
  • P3D still seems to distribute the FSX simConnect version, see here
  • For P3D, the simconnect.msi is located in the P3D REDIST folder instead of SDK (use the XPACK/SP2 version).


  • For simConnect network configuration
  • The P3D lib seems to be a VS2013 lib, and some people are creating their own simconnect.dll out of it, see here,
  • The lib was made in VS2013, so you need VS2013 if you're trying to link against it. My personal approach is to create my own P3D SimConnect DLL from their SimConnect.h/lib (using VS2013's command line tools and a couple scripts to generate the DEF and then to invoke the linker) and then link to the resulting DLL (when appropriate) using LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress so that I can build a unified module (in VS2008, actually) that loads in everything from FSX:SP2 through P3D v3.2.
  • Creating "an own simconnect.dll " is also used by FSUIPC, see here.
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