Simulator elevation

Why do we need the elevation?

Having the real elevation in the used simulator with the used scenery we can

  • calculate the AGL ("above ground")
  • avoid model underflows, see also ongroundscenarios{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • xivapclamp{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

There are 2 general concepts

From 0.8.4 onward we use "probing" for all incoming network positions (likely to be "near gnd. relevant")

  • Probing the elevation at a given position (like we do it for XPlane, since 0.8.4. also possible with P3D/FSX)

    • Pro: Accurate elevation at a given position
    • Con: "Slow" (means slow in the context of interpolation)
  • Using the elevation at the current AI (remote) aircraft position (as in P3D, FSX)

    • Pro: Fast, as it can be retrieved in the SimConnect loop
    • Con: Only at the current (interpolated) position, not at the next or previous situation

see also openresearch{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

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