Download developer and alpha versions from datastore

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alpha/developer versions are early access versions for testing. We recommend to keep a more stable version in parallel. :::

See copyswiftdata{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

Download alpha

  1. To download alpha you need to go here:

  2. Login with your VATSIM SSO account and create an account

    1. If already approved, you see the download page, you are good to go!
    2. If not, you'll see an info that your account awaits approval
    3. If your VATSIM account has expired, get that fixed, see here <qa>{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  3. Now you can ask for a tester account (same as alpha account) - but for that we need at least need your real name or VATSIM id. Otherwise we cannot find you in the user list.

  4. You should see a link to the download page (see below). If you DO NOT SEE this link let us know so we can enable you as tester.


  1. After we have enabled the link you need logoff -> login again before the link becomes visible

::: {.important} ::: {.title} Important :::

We need your real name, or your VATSIM id, to grant access for developer versions. Just by your nickname (like "TheFlyingDude") we can NOT find your account! :::