Register for the swift datastore

  • If you are a VATSIM user: Register for SSO (Single-Sign-On) with your VATSIM account, then you can use your VATSIM credentials with the swift mapping database.
  • After you have registered here (SSO) a swift admin will approve your account.
  • Problems with VATSIM SSO <qa>{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}?
  • If you are not a VATSIM member use the the chatroom to request an account
  • You can register your email with swift datastore to allow a reset of your password and receive notifications. However, as best practice we advice you to use a secondary email in case something goes wrong (but this general advice is true for all public services and not swift only).

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After you have registered with SSO the 1st time, an administrator needs to approve your account first :::