VAs (virtual airlines) in swift

The FSD protocol (which is used by VATSIM and other networks) transfers

  • your callsign
  • your aircraft ICAO designator
  • your airline ICAO designator
  • your model string (FsInn extension)
  • your livery string (not standardized for VATSIM, hence pretty useless)

Unlike in real aviation there or some challenges regarding airlines

  • there are VAs using the ICAO code of real airlines
  • people fly ceased airlines (not possible in real world)
  • people use wrong airline codes

All that can lead to ambiguous airline codes. Also VATSIM only uses 3 letter ICAO codes. So there is no chance to distinguish a virtual airline from a real airline.

swift however distinguishes VAs and real airlines. In your database we use a 4 letter airline code for VAs, but this works only from swift to swift.




If you want to add your VA to the swift database you can do so, see cr{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} . These airlines will be recognized by swift clients (icaohints{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} ). You can also add the airline name in the FP if you use other clients.

To create a mapping see createmappings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}.