Problems creating mappings? Some hints

Mapping overlay messages

  • Use the context menu in the mappings overlay message window to resize the messages if you cannot read them
  • You can save the messages (context menu since 0.8.3) and attach the save messages to a bug report if needed


Models are already in DB, but not shown as such

There are 3 model views: * Own model (you models installed/on disk) * Own model set, a subset of of your own models * The database view

There are 2 potential problems: * A user has created/updated a model very recently, and you have not a local copy yet. So this new model is not yet shown in the database view. This issue will be resolved after a data consolidation, a restart of the mapping tool, or when you update the database view. * A model is shown in the DB tool, but not in own model set/own models. Check out backupdate{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} and consolidation{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}