swift pilot client system

swift pilot client system

The pilot client consist of 3 sub components:

  • the pilot client UI can be used standalone or in a distributed environment.
  • the core <core>{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}, acting as a server when you want to use swift on a second computer.
  • the launcher <launcher>{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} used for installations, starting the other components, or updates.
  • The mapping tool is an independent program and described here <smt>{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}.


  • flightwithswift{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • sharedcockpit{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • flightplan{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • swiftgeneral{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • textmsg{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • spcmm{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • instantmap{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • connectnw{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • towerview{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • configuresim{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • userdata{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} , where swift stores application data
  • p3dremote{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} , configure P3D and FSX for remote [SimConnect]{.title-ref} access
  • p3d32vs64bit{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • integratecomunit{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • textmsg{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}


  • spctutorials{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

::: {.toctree caption=“Content in this chapter”} advloginscreen connectnw flightplan ./flightwithswift/flightwithswift hotkeys instantmap launcher_wizard ./modelsetvalidation/modelsetvalidation p3dremote p3d32vs64bit ./settings/settings towerview updatemodeldata fsuipc audio core spcmm textmsg spctutorials pctutorials userdata :::