Flight plan

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If the flight plan window is too small for you, see swiftuiconcepts{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} . You can display the FP in its own window. And use the tooltips for the various input fields if you need help! :::

Standard operations

  • load/send to send or load to /from used network

  • load/save to save or load from disk

    • vPilot format
    • SB4 format
    • swift JSON format



  • validate checks flighplan
  • strict decides if strict check rules are applied
  • prefill fills flight plan based on current aircraft
  • reset the flight plan

Download from SimBrief


Synchronize flight plan with simulator data

If your aircraft model (the one you fly) is known in the DB AND the flight plan was NOT sent yet, then your flight plan plan will be automatically updated (ICAO, callsign) whenever you change your aircraft in the simulator.

If you wish to override your flight plan data with the simulator data regardless of the state, you can use the "circle" icon next to the callsign.


Altitude popup, metric altitudes

You can use the altitude dialog to enter metric altitudes or get help with the altitude entry


Flight plan numbering

The swift numbering is based on the FAA flight plan. Aircraft/equipment (3) is split into 2 fields (swift), remarks (11) are at the bottom.

Remember remarks

As it can be useful to reuse recently sent remarks you can now use the remarks history. Just click the remarks buttons to fill in the remarks fields.


Flight plan of other Aircraft

You can see the flight plan of other aircraft from the aircraft views context menu.