swift in a shared cockpit (co-pilot observer OBS mode)



swift can be used in a shared cockpit scenario, with one pilot flying as co-pilot

  • the primary pilot will fly with the normal callsign in NORMAL mode
  • the secondary pilot needs to add an extra character to the callsign and will use the OBS mode


  • the 1st pilot will be shown as normal for everyone.
  • using the OBS prevents the 2nd pilot (co-pilot) to be shown.
  • the callsign hack prevents the primary pilot to be shown in the co-pilot's simulator.

Remark: another way to disable a particular aircraft from being shown in swift is to disable it in the model view (context menu). This should not be required if the callsign is correct.

Partner callsign

You can add a partner callsign to receive text message for your co-/pilot. See advloginscreen{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} .


If you see your "co-pilot" following your plane then most likely the 2 callsigns are NOT set as described above.