Settings (pilot client)

Pilot client settings


You can get to the settings page via the "settings" button. Two important hints:

  • the pages have shortcuts, check them out by reading the tooltip
  • pressing SHIFT {key SHIFT} + settings will always get you to the overview page


  • configuresim{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} , also to configure max. aircraft to be shown/max. distance of aircraft to be shown, see aircraftrange{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • audio{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} , see also notificationsounds_spc{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • hotkeys{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • remoteptt{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • matchingsettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • [interpolationsettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • weathersettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • simmessages{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}


  • xswiftbussettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}


  • sbareasettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • p3dversion{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

::: {.toctree caption=“Content in this chapter”} remoteptt aircraftrange configuresim hidecallsign interpolationsettings matchingsettings maxaircraft notificationsounds resetscreen p3dversion sbareasettings simmessages modeldirectories weathersettings xplanedriversettings xswiftbussettings :::