swift general (troubleshooting, concepts, adv.topics)

  • Misc:

    • useswiftchecklist{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • fs9mp{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • p3d32vs64bit{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} , see also p3dspecific{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • XPlane in fullscreen mode and swift, an idea: spacedesk{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • Backup swift <findcachefiles>{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}, or exportmodelset{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • partsandgndflag{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • registrydelete{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • Testing own models offline: modelbrowser{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • Simulator related / connection with simulator:

    • cannotconnectsim{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • xswiftbussettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} (XPlane only)
    • xplanedriversettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} (XPlane only)
    • fs9remote{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} (FS9)
    • fsuipc{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} (FS9)
  • swift model set and matching

    • whentoupdatems{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • addtoms{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • createms{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • matchingresult{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} and whyb74f{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • notrendered{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • nodbmodel{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • Find important files

    • findlogfiles{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • findcachefiles{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • findqss{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • Tracing and debugging

    • tracingmatching{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} (understand why you see the model you see)

    • tracingnetwork{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

    • tracingparts{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

    • tracinginterpolation{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} , see also

      • tracinginterpolationonground{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
      • interpolationexamples{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • tracingsimconnect{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

    • interpolationdisplay{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

    • createcrashdump{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

  • Sound, notifications

    • nonotification{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • notificationsounds_tweak{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
    • nomiconwindows{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

::: {.toctree caption=“Content in this chapter”} swiftadvanced partsandgndflag cannotconnectsim fs9mp crashreports createcrashdump registrydelete tracinginterpolationonground fsxaimodel findcachefiles findlogfiles findqss interpolationexamples interpolationdisplay mm nomiconwindows notrendered ./mapping/mapping ./matching/matching ./modelsandmodelset/modelsandmodelset nonotification macosnosound ./faq/faq savewindow modelbrowser tracingsimconnect tracingparts tracinginterpolation tracingnetwork notificationsounds spacedesk xplanedatarefs dotcommands swiftuiconcepts fs9remote swiftcmdargs crashafterstartup swiftdevcmdargs notstarting :::

Advanced - solving problems

Aircraft parts and gnd. flag / ground flag

Cannot connect to simulator / no simulator plugin

Connecting FS9 manually through multiplayer

Crash reports / enable crash dumps

Creating a Windows crash dump (swift hanging)

Delete swift registry values (Windows only)

dot-commands (.commands), hide dot command tooltip

Example: Tracing if aircraft should be on ground

Find cache and settings files (where swift stores its data)

Find swift log files, crashdump files, interpolation log. files

Find swift stylesheet files / find qss files

FSX/P3D SimConnect\_AICreateNonATCAircraft fails, models are not rendered

Interpolation examples (wrong parts etc.)

Interpolation log. display window

Mapping, matching and model set explained (theory and concepts)

Microphone not working on Windows

Model / aircraft not rendered (possible reasons and solutions)

Model mapping

Model matching

Models (own installed models) and model set

No notification sounds

No sound on macOS (loopback not working)

Questions and answers (aka FAQs)

Save Window

swift and remote FS9

swift command line arguments

swift crash after startup

swift developer command line arguments

swift not starting, ASSERT after start

swift UI concepts (multiple windows, floating windows, resize views)

The model browser (testing models offline)

Tracing and testing aircraft parts

Tracing interpolation

Tracing network packets (FSD log) and network statistics

Tracing SimConnect

Tweaking swift notification sounds

Virtual 2nd screen on another device

XPlane datarefs used with swift