I do not see other planes, no other aircraft, no other traffic

  • If you fail to see other aircraft please check: notrendered{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • Top 4 XPlane problems:
Based on yesterday's experience, there are 4 top problems using //swift// and XPlane

* no models are shown / no other aircraft, in most of the cases the aircraft folder is in the wrong place. see [here](https://swift-project.github.io/docs/manual/swiftgeneral/notrendered/) or you did not create a model set
* landing gear not visible or always visible: conflict with other pilot client, remove any other pilot client or AI traffic plugin you have installed, e.g. XSquawkBox, X-IvAp, PilotEdge, WorldTraffic.
* aircraft are too high or low: The offset fix is not installed or incorrectly installed. [See here](https://swift-project.github.io/docs/installation/xplane/xplanecg/) 
* If you **move your model folder you need to reload your models in the mapping tool and recreate the model set** [see](https://swift-project.github.io/docs/manual/swiftgeneral/modelsandmodelset/createms/)