Why do I see airline FOO for airline BAR aircraft?

Matching means to find the most suitable model for another pilot in your model set. If the other pilot flies a [DLH B744]{.title-ref} and you have [DLH B744]{.title-ref} in your model set, then the process is straight forward, we just take that one.

If NOT, then guessing starts and the opinion of what should happen varies.

  • some want to see a neutral (all white) aircraft
  • some want to see a [B744]{.title-ref}, but accept that from another airline
  • some prefer to see a [DLH]{.title-ref} livery but accept another aircraft type

So there is not "best" solution, it depends on multiple factors. The result in swift depends on

# the models you have in your swift model set, mm{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} # your model matching settings, see matchingsettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} # your own matching script (if you have written any), see ms{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

This means the result for swift users can be (very) different depending on the mentioned points. If you want to understand your matching result, just create a matching log - [matchmsg{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} .

To improve your matching check matchinghints{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} . But there are things you can check by yourself.

  • Do you use models without swift DB entry? Those might be unreliable because not enough information are available.
  • Check your settings, see matchingsettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • Check the matching log, in many cases this is already self-explanatory
  • If you want to see airline [FOO]{.title-ref}, do you have models for [FOO]{.title-ref}? Check your coverage: tuningset{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}
  • You could use your own logic, see ms{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}