Matching script technical details and matching script examples

This document covers some technical details for matching script programmers

Matching script interacting with swift

There are classes, which may be used as objects in Matching script (i.e. JavaScript). Those classes start with a MS`prefix (matching script). Those classes can be found in :code:`BlackMisc::Simulation and BlackCore. You can find the latest documentation here: Doxygen build

  • MSInOutValues
  • MSModelSet
  • MSWebServices

Best to check the latest Doxygen build for these classes as there may be various changes for each version.

Using properties

MS class properties as below

//! MSNetworkValues properties @{
Q_PROPERTY(QString callsign           READ getCallsign           WRITE setCallsign           NOTIFY callsignChanged)
Q_PROPERTY(QString callsignAsSet      READ getCallsignAsSet)
Q_PROPERTY(QString flightNumber       READ getFlightNumber)
Q_PROPERTY(int     dbAircraftIcaoId   READ getDbAircraftIcaoId   WRITE setDbAircraftIcaoId   NOTIFY 

can be used in matching script as follows

outObject.aircraftIcao = "C172";
outObject.modified     = true; // tell we changed something

Some properties are read only, and you can see the type from property definition.

Using functions

Functions of MS classes can be used if they are marked as Q_INVOKABLE (only those you can invoke from matching script).

//! Functions calling the web services @{
Q_INVOKABLE int countAircraftIcaoCodesForDesignator(const QString &designator) const;
Q_INVOKABLE int countAirlineIcaoCodesForDesignator(const QString &designator) const;
//! @}


//! Model string of model with closest color distance
Q_INVOKABLE QString findCombinedTypeWithClosestColorLivery(const QString &combinedType, const QString &rgbColor) const;

Those you can call those as functions in matching script

var mscl = modelSet.findCombinedTypeWithClosestColorLivery(combinedType, white);


Check out the [matchingscript]{.title-ref} directory for examples, like \swift-0.9.2-64bit\share\matchingscript.