What is this bloody model set and why is it needed?

What is the model set?

The model set is a subset of all aircraft models you have installed / stored. It represents the models you can use to display other users (i.e. other aircraft, the other pilots). The model set is needed for model matching.

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No model set, no model matching, no working swift ! :::

See also mm{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}

Why is swift using a model set, why is it needed?

From user perspective:

  • the model set allows to define any combination of models for matching as you like it
  • you can mix models from various distributors
  • you can have multiple model sets suitable for special purposes (without installing/uninstalling models)
  • easy testing: you can easily add or remove models to your set for testing purposes, without having to install/uninstall the physical models.

Technical reasons:

  • swift is a multi simulator pilot client. By using a abstract model set (i.e. abstract from the physical models) we can use one matching concept for all simulators
  • swift can be used in distributed mode, distributedswift{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} . The model set can be use on a remote computer without direct access (shared drive etc.) to your models folder.

More information

Find more about model set here: smt{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}