Where should I place my XPlane model directories?

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Your models for XPlane (and swift) should be below (inside) the XPlane folder. Otherwise XPlane is unable to show these models. :::

As example an installation could look like this with [XCSL]{.title-ref} and [BB]{.title-ref} models

| {F37522} | {F37524} | {F37530} |

By default swift will search all models inside the XPlane folder, the XPlane folder is normally found automatically (left screenshot). You could also explicitly set the directories (by that you would eliminate the risk that some models are found which you actually do NOT want to use)

| {F37532} | {F37534} |

You could also create an explicit folder for your swift models and copy them into that folder. By that you make sure that changes by other installers/clients does NOT affect your models

| {F37536} | {F37540} |

Make sure:

  • that all folders are inside the XPlane folder
  • you do not add models twice (if you have the [BB]{.title-ref} models in two different folders, only select one)
  • if you move or change your installed models you need to update your model set. AGAIN: Just changing the setting does NOT change the model set, you need to update it for the new path.


| {F37542} | {F37544} | If I select [BB]{.title-ref} only I see around 1800 models | | {F37550} | {F37554} | [XCSL]{.title-ref} only around 4387 models | | {F37552} | {F37546} | Both together more than 6200 models |

  • Do NOT confuse the model set and the model list discussed in this step, see modelsetandsettings{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} .
  • Hint:: If you use models of multiple providers in your set, we recommend to remove duplicates, see modelsetduplicates{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} and examplemsbbxcsl{.interpreted-text role=“ref”} .