Checklist: Check before your 1st flight

General (all simulators)

  • Have you installed the models for multiplayer aircraft? See here
  • If not done during the launcher wizard, create a model set for your simulator in use.
  • It not done during the launcher wizard, define a PTT key
  • Enable crashdump reports so developers can analyze the cause of crashes better.
  • Close other pilot clients, so the voice port is not blocked.
  • Do not touch the gnd.flag and fast position settings unless you know what you are doing!
  • Do not run swift core and standalone GUI on the same machine, you can run core+remote UI. But normally core is only needed for distributed swift.
  • Do you see validation errors? If you see multiple validation, something in your setup is wrong: see here.
  • Make sure malware protection allows swift to run, recently users reported issues with TrueImage Active protection.

OS specific


  • Enable the microphone for swift, see here


  • make sure swift can access your microphone, see here


  • Hotkeys: We read keyboard and joystick stuff from /dev/input/event* and js*. Those files have to be readable by your user. Typically they are owned by group input or such so if you add your user to that group then it will work.


swift has not yet been adapted to use Vulkan. If you have enabled Vulkan then you won't see any aircraft.

  • use the 64bit version

  • make sure XSwiftBus is installed, and it is the correct version XSwiftBus and swift client require to have the same version)

  • Make sure other pilot clients are uninstalled (as those most likely interfere with swift). Disabling the plugins might me NOT enough, remove them from the plugins folder.

  • CSL files need to be inside the XPlane folder, it is advisable to avoid spaces and special characters in the file paths

  • disable other simulator plugins using multiplayer planes (such as other pilot clients, or traffic tools) may conflict with swift. Or entirely move them out of the plugin folder if you have problems such as not working animations (gear down), see here under XPlane.

  • for BlueBell models apply the vertical offset fix (make sure to do this correctly and NOT ending up with cascaded directories)

  • see Bluebell CSL and Vertical Offset Fix,

  • troubleshooting and

  • XPlane Aircraft too high or too low


  • use the 32bit version for FSX, the 64bit version for P3D.

  • P3D: to use external model directories (not in SimObjects) add this directory

  • FSX: make sure the terrain probe is installed, see Installation of the FSX/P3D terrain probe

  • Enable SimConnect SB4 offsets settings in the driver settings if you want to use XPDR updates from PMDG and other aircraft

  • If you cannot connect swift/P3D (FSX): If you run P3D/FSX as "Admin", run swift as "Admin"


  • make sure FSUIPC is installed, swift needs FSUIPC to work properly

  • If you run FS9/FSUIPC as "Admin", run swift as "Admin"

  • Since Windows Update 1909 the auto connect to the simulator does NOT work anymore, see Connecting FS9 manually through multiplayer

  • Consider the gnd. elevation recording: FS9 elevation

Check the connection of swift with your simulator

If swift is connected with your simulator, you shall see the simulator LED as on


If NOT, make sure your simulator driver is enabled, see Configure / select the used simulator, P3D version FSX version

If the simulator does NOT connect, sometime it helps to un-check and check again the simulator (simulator settings)

Simulator disconnects: Do not run core and standalone GUI at the same time.

For XPlane:

  • If no connection, check that the XSwiftBus on simulator side and swift side do match: XSwiftBus settings