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swift consists of several components, see the short overview below.


swiftGUI is the User Interface for your day-to-day use while flying online. It will connect you to VATSIM or to private FSD-servers, you can file flightplans, check for active ATC in your area, list other pilots in the vicinity, help you with a radar function and many more things. Go to the swiftGUI user guide and take a program tour with our Video Tutorials.

swiftData - The Mapping Tool

swiftData is our Mapping Tool. It's a powerful program to manage your aircraft model sets in swift. Although it may look very complicated, it actually is not and with the help of our Video Tutorials you will master it easily.


swiftLauncher is your gateway to all components of swift. Program updates, database downloads, modes of operation, start all other components of swift - that's what can be done here. Go to the swiftLauncher user guide

swift Datastore

swift Datastore is our central database and contains information about airlines, aircraft, liveries and aircraft model mappings and is essential for data updates distribution. Go to the swift Datastore