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X-Plane specific information

CSL vs. .ACF-aircraft

  • Like XSquawkBox, we render CSL models to represent the remote aircraft (other pilots)
  • There is a distinction between CSL and the aircraft that the local user flies (the .ACF-aircraft)
  • One cannot fly a CSL, and swift cannot render a .ACF in X-Plane
  • We need both in the database, but we can not use .ACF to render remote aircraft in X-Plane
  • For this reason .ACF-aircraft are X (excluded), which prevents them from being used for rendering
  • .ACF-aircraft with X normally do not belong in the Active Model Set (do not confuse Active Model Set and Own Models)
  • swift uses .ACF-files in the database so swift knows what plane the local user is flying, so we can pass that info to the other clients on the network
  • See also Excluded models
  • Do we need mappings for .ACF-aircraft? Yes, see Excluded models

Model directories

  • One can install CSL models wherever you want, as long as they are inside X-Plane's program directory
  • In the mapping tool, simulator settings panel, you direct swift where to search for them, by adding to the list of model directories
  • All subdirectories of your X-Plane directory are already selected
  • For your own (non-CSL) models, ACF-aircraft and excluded should be automatically added by default when the mapping tool discovers the models