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X-Plane landing gear missing/no animations


This issue is specific to X-Plane

Issue description

All CSL models have their landing gears retracted/missing and/or animations of parts do not work (e.g. landing gear never retracts, flaps never move etc.)

Or Aircraft are not drawn on TCAS

Solution 1

Another plugin is conflicting with xswiftbus

One of the functions of xswiftbus is to inject CSL model data into X-Plane to render (display) the aircraft of other pilots near you, including model animation. If another plugin with similar functions is active at the same time, it will interfere with the rendering process of those CSL models their animations will be broken or you won't be seeing any models at all.

Check the plugins-directory of X-Plane for other plugins that are related to injecting CSL model data. Plugins for X-Plane 11 are saved in \X-Plane 11\Resources\Plugins\.

The following plugins are known to interfere with xswiftbus:

  • XSquawkbox
  • xPilot
  • X-IvAp
  • PilotEdge
  • LiveTraffic
  • World Traffic

You have to deactivate any of those plugins for as long as you wish to use swift. The default plugin manager of X-Plane does not prevent this from happening, because the way it "deactivates" plugins will not stop X-Plane from initializing them at startup.

There are only 2 ways to reliably achieve this:

  • move plugin-folder(s): move the folders of conflicting plugins to another directory outside \X-Plane 11\Resources\Plugins\
  • rename plugin-file(s): when you rename a plugin-file, then X-Plane will not load it, this will completely deactivate it. Open the folder of an affected plugin and look for a file with a .xpl-extension - that's the actual plugin. Rename the extension to, or similar. When you wish to use the plugin again, just change the file-extension to read .xpl

For Windows users only: a more comfortable solution to reliably manage plugins may be xOrganizer. Further information about it can be found on this dedicated page.

Solution 2

If only a few CSL models are affected by these problems then the reason may be other pilot clients sending wrong information about parts. There's not much that you can do about this.