swift installation in parallel with P3D v4 and P3D v5

If you want to keep two versions of Prepar3D for online flying, a second swift can be installed so both P3D versions can co-exists and have independent model sets.

This has been tested with swiftinstaller-window-64- with P3Dv4.5 and swiftinstaller-window-64- for P3Dv5 with Hotfix1.

  1. Install a second swift by using different installation locations (directories). For example swift-0.9.4-64bit_P4 and swift-0.9.4-64bit_P5.

  2. If you want to use the FLAi models for model matching:

    1. Copy the folder FLAi with the add-on.xml from Documents-Prepar3Dv4 Add-ons to Documents-Prepar3Dv5 Add-ons.
    2. Note: This is using the existing FLAi package on your computer, no new download necessary.
  3. For the new second swift installation for P3Dv5:

    1. Start swift Launcher - Mapping Tool and create a new model set and press save P3D
    2. Ensure the correct path to the P3D version, this is set in: Settings -> Simulator basics. If necessary set it manually to P3Ddv4 for the first and P3Dv5 for the second one.
  4. To distinguish between the two swift versions, create swiftguist.exe links on the desktop, such as swiftguist.exe Pv4.5 and the other one swiftguist.exe Pv5.