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Getting involved

We would like to share our workload. So if you are interested in joining the swift team you are welcome.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our Discord server.


  • Team language is English


  • the swift pilot client, core and mapping tool are written in C++/Qt. You can help to improve the core functionality and add new features
  • A MacOS enthusiast is needed to further integrate Apple specific functionality
  • PHP/JavaScript programmers could help to improve swift datastore (LAMP based), the backend DB for mappings. The datastore also provides web services for swift and we plan to improve the feature in the future.
  • Getting started as developer
  • Open tasks
  • Additional information can be found in the developer documentation (GitHub Wiki)


  • Help to streamline/facelift the various swift UI by creating icons, UI elements and such.
  • Open tasks

Model mapping

  • No programming knowledge required, help by creating model mappings
  • or even lead the mapping effort by becoming a team member
  • swift mapping tool
  • Mapping hints and FAQs