When do I have to update my model set?

Do I have to update my model set if I update my models (like downloaded a new FLAI, BB, or X-IVAP version)?

Short answer, most likely "yes"


  • swift uses the models you have specified in the model set
  • If an update contains new models and you want to use those, you need to add them to your model set
  • If models have been deleted, you need to delete those from your set
  • It can happen new models are available but those data are not in the swift DB yet. You can help to provide those data or wait until those are available.
  • It is a good idea to use model validation to detect inconsistencies / errors in your model set, see this page.

Other reasons when you have to update your model set

  • you have moved or deleted a model directory
  • you have manually deleted models from your model directory