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At the time of creating this page, the most popular CSL (Common Shape Library) model distributors for X-Plane 11 are BlueBell (BB) and X-CSL.


Distributor is the term that swift uses to define a person or a company that produces and/or provides aircraft models, flyable or not. "BlueBell" is a distributor, just like "FlightFactor" and "PMDG".

Before you proceed with downloading and installing CSL models for the first time, read this paragraph as it contains some vital information!


CSL models have to be placed somewhere inside the program path of X-Plane 11. External linking of CSL models is not possible. Otherwise X-Plane will not be able to use them to display the aircraft of other online-pilots near you.

As good practice it has been established that the folder Custom Data is used to install CSL models in. Since many users want to use CSL sets from more than one distributor, a parent-folder called "CSL" will be created in there and the CSL-sets are placed in this new path subsequently.

For example, with BlueBell and X-CSL model sets installed, your file path structure should look like this:

  • yourdrive:\X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\BB
  • yourdrive:\X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\X-CSL

Should you wish to add more CSL sets, just create new subfolders in Custom Data\CSL\, e.g.

  • Other => Custom Data\CSL\**Other**
  • General Aviation => Custom Data\CSL\**General Aviation**

or whatever you think fits.

Installation of CSL model sets


With X-Plane 11.50 and newer, only OBJ8-models can be used. OBJ7 and older will not work and will produce error messages. Say goodbye to OBJ7 CSL models!


Whenever you update any model from the list here, you will have to re-create your Active Model Set, otherwise swift won't know about and won't be able to use your new models. You can either do this in swift Config Wizard by creating your "first model set" or by starting swift's Mapping Tool (swiftData app). Visit the section about the Mapping Tool and check out our YouTube Video Tutorial: Working with the Mapping Tool

Virtual Airlines

  • German Air Express VA models based on BlueBell at the forums: Download
  • Air CAVOK: Download

General Aviation Aircraft

  • TBM900: Download from X-Pilot Forum
    • Installation: extract the TBM900-directory into your CSL folder, e.g. Custom Data\CSL\X-CSL\Other\

Dirob collection

On the forums/database you can find a nice collection of CSL made by "Dirob". Follow this link to browse through all of his creations that are available there.

Some of his CSL models:

Installation: extract the contents of the archives into your CSL folder, e.g. Custom Data\CSL\Other\


Installation: extract them into your CSL folder, e.g. Custom Data\CSL\Other

CSL models from File Database

There are many more CSL models available at the file database of, just follow this link.