Why do I see airline FOO for airline BAR aircraft?

Matching means to find the most suitable model for another pilot in your model set. If the other pilot flies a DLH B744 and you have DLH B744 in your model set, then the process is straight forward, we just take that one.

If NOT, then guessing starts and the opinion of what should happen varies.

  • some want to see a neutral (all white) aircraft
  • some want to see a B744, but accept that from another airline
  • some prefer to see a DLH livery but accept another aircraft type

So there is not "best" solution, it depends on multiple factors. The result in swift depends on

  • the models you have in your swift model set
  • your model matching settings, see matching script
  • your own matching script (if you have written any)

This means the result for swift users can be (very) different depending on the mentioned points. If you want to understand your matching result, just create a matching log.

To improve your matching check this page. But there are things you can check by yourself.

  • Do you use models without swift DB entry? Those might be unreliable because not enough information are available.
  • Check your settings
  • Check the matching log, in many cases this is already self-explanatory
  • If you want to see airline FOO, do you have models for FOO? Check your coverage with the model matrix.
  • You could use your own logic, see matching script and matching script technical