Interpolation Page

The Interpolation page is more like a debugging page for testing and troubleshooting. It allows you to monitor and log aircraft data that is transmitted by other clients in your range. This includes the status of engines, moving parts and lights and the altitude/elevation of models. If you observe aircraft models that exhibit unexpected behaviour in terms of aircraft parts and lights, you can see what swift is receiving.

You can only log parts of aircraft that are in range, as listed on the Aircraft and Models Pages.

Proceed to the Aircraft parts log tab and type the callsign of the concerned flight. Partial callsigns will result in a drop-down list, in case that there is more than one match to it.

The log will be shown in the box

  • text in white indicates the status of items at the time of requesting the log
  • text in green displays all changes to parts after the interpolation log was intialized