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Download and Installation of Bluebell CSL models

Watch our YouTube Video Tutorial: BlueBell Model Set Installation and follow these steps:

  • proceed to and download all the files of the Bluebell model set
  • extract all downloaded archives into a directory of your choice, for example (as suggested) \Custom Data\CSL\BB\

    • pay particular attention to extracting all archives into the same directory and overwrite existing files for "Airbus" and "Boeing", when prompted
    • in the end it should look like this:

    • should you see folders named BB_Airbus1, BB_Airbus2, BB_Boeing1 and BB_Boeing2, something went wrong during the extraction of BB's archives, it should not look like this:

      Should this be the case, enter the directory of BB_Airbus2, select all files, cut and paste them into BB_Airbus1. There should be a prompt to overwrite existing files, choose YES and overwrite them. Do the same for all files in BB_Boeing2: cut and paste them into BB_Boeing1, overwrite existing files. Now, delete the (empty) directories BB_Airbus2 and BB_Boeing2 and rename BB_Airbus1 to BB_Airbus and BB_Boeing1 to BB_Boeing

  • start swiftData app (Mapping Editor)


Our Tutorial Video about installing Bluebell models is not 100% up to date. The "Vertical Offset Fix" that is mentioned in the video is not necessary anymore. These offsets have been incorporated in the new version of Bluebell already.