dot-commands (.commands), hide dot command tooltip

swift supports a number of dot commands, which can be entered in the Command Line.

When you hover your mouse over the Command Line, a Tooltip Popup will offer you help as to what Dot Commands are available:

The most relevant dot commands are:

dot command Explanation Example
.m (or .msg/.chat) [callsign] [message] Start text chat with another user. Must include at least one character as "message" .m (or .msg/.chat) DLH1797 Hi there!
.com1 or .c1 [frequency] Tune active frequency for COM radio 1 .com1 135.45
.com2 or .c2 [frequency] Tune active frequency for COM radio 2 .c2 122.80
.x [code] Set transponder code .x 2000
.x [mode] Set operating mode of transponder (works only if the transponder panel of your aircraft does not override the command .x stby/c/ident
.vol [0-100] Set voice output volume with a value between 0 and 100. 50 is standard .vol 40
.selcal [code] Set 4-letter SELCAL code in swiftGUI. Make sure you set a valid SELCAL code! .selcal AFGH
.disable [callsign] Disable a specific aircraft, it will not be rendered anymore .disable RYR453
.enable [callsign] Enable a specific aircraft that had been disabled .enable AAL56
.tooltip Toggle Tooltip Popup for dot commands ON or OFF .tooltip