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Supported network protocols and features

  • VATSIM FSD and AFV (Advanced Voice for VATSIM)
  • Legacy FSD
  • VATSIM aircraft parts
  • Legacy FSD gnd flag
  • FsInn model string
  • fast position updates


  • Standalone UI, single application
  • Distributed system, remote operation on separate computers

UI - User Interface

  • Single window pilot client UI
  • Un-dockable windows, multiple windows
  • Mapping Tool for aircraft model administration
  • Key features
    • flight plan filing, access to Simbrief
    • text messages
    • radar screen
    • simple weather client (you can use it or any other weather tool)
    • configurable model matching, multiple setups


  • aircraft model database
  • ICAO format airline and aircraft type database
  • users can contribute models and airlines


  • configurable model matching
  • matching script for own matching logic